European Championship

Next Sunday, June 11, we'll have the European Championship. This is the agenda for the day:

  9:00 late registration

10:30 course introduction

11:30 first heat

14:00 second heat

16:00 end of secondheat

16:30 awardsceremony

17:00 drinks andfarewell

On Saturday riders will warmup, explore the space, get together, exchange tips and information, or just talk and make fun. The area is open for riders from 10:00 am. If you arrive earlier, please let us know.

Riders have received the rules document and other information. If you haven't, please let me know asap at

We are all looking forward to this weekend. Above all, we'll have a lot of fun, like we did in previous years. See you on Saturday. 

Any questions, please ask

05 June 2017 21:31